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6 Reasons to Choose Car Hire over Public Transport

6 Reasons to Choose Car Hire over Public Transport


In your day-to-day life, there are many environmental reasons why taking public transport is preferable to driving. However – holidays are an exception. Going on a getaway is a chance to let your hair down and experience the freedom that car hire can bring you, saving you time, money and effort when you embark on your grand adventure.


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Here are the top 6 advantages of hiring a car during your holiday.

1. Total freedom

When you’re restricted to public transport, you’re also restricted to pre-decided routes – car hire allows you to break free from this. There’s nothing stopping you when you hire a car, and no route that can be left untravelled. Having your very own car means ultimate freedom of movement, allowing you to access hidden gems across your holiday destination, no matter how remote.

2. Saves you money

There are multiple ways to save money through car rental. Because this mode of transport gives you greater flexibility to stay in a variety of locations and areas, you are not tied down to, say, the centre of town. This may save you money on taxi fares if you plan to visit locations further afield, and may also allow you to take advantage of cheaper accomodation away from the expensive city centres.

3. See the ‘authentic’ country

As tourists, we’re expected to see key sites, only visiting areas that we can get to via buses or tour groups. Car hire lets you break free from the obvious must-sees, and instead lets you explore the country in a more authentic way, visiting places that only the locals normally have access to. This is a more exciting way to see the true character of a country.

4. Gives you the luxury experience

Depending on the country, public transport can be questionable at best. If you’re seeking a more comfortable way to get from A to B, hiring a car is the best way to do this. Cars are also a godsend when you first arrive at the airport or train station, as you can simply load up your luggage into your car without the need to haul it around on public transport.

5. Lose the tourist label

If you’re wandering around, trying to find the correct bus and asking lots of questions to local people – this makes you stand out as a tourist. It’s easy, therefore, to feel unsafe and out of your depth. Using a car with the license plates of the country, and that is kitted out with sat-nav, can allow you to travel around in disguise as a local, giving you the safety and assurance you need.

6. Safer

Using a car, in many ways, is a safer way to travel as you can go straight from your accommodation to your destination without the need to walk through unfamiliar neighbourhoods to get to the bus stop.

Convenience from start to finish!

Being able to hop into your car whenever you like, without the need to check bus times or to call a taxi, is a totally convenient way to get around. Also – in some foreign countries, particularly in more remote areas, buses and trains may be few and far between, making for an inconvenient way to travel around the country.


Here at Heathrow Car & Van Rental, we bring convenient and cost-effective vehicle hire to customers across Heathrow and beyond. Whether you’re a holiday-goer looking for a touch of escapism, or running a corporate day for your company – we have the vehicles to help you. Discover more about our services by getting in touch today.



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